Certified Information Security Professional



Certified Information Security Professional (hereinafter referred to as CISP) is a national certification implemented by China Information Security Evaluation Centre. It represents the highest recognition of information security personnel qualifications and is also an essential requirement for information security enterprises to apply for security services. conditions of. According to the actual job requirements, CISP is divided into Certified Information Security Engineer (CISE) and Certified Information Security Officer (CISO).

Target Audience

The target Audience of this course:

  • Safety technical management personnel and professional technicians of various party and government organs, enterprises, institutions, information systems, digital system construction, operation and maintenance, and management.

Training content and curriculum

Day 1 Information Security
Information Security Supervision
Day 2 Information Security Management
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Day 3 Security Engineering and Operations
Security Assessment
Day 4 Security Technology Support
Software Development Security
Day 5 Physical and Network Communication Security
Computing Environmental Security
Day 6 Examination
  • Duration of course: 6 days
  • Medium of Instruction: Putonghua

  • Award of Certificate

    Those who pass the examination will be awarded the “National Registered Information Security Professional (CISP)” qualification certificate by the China Information Security Evaluation Center. This certificate is the authoritative certification of the domestic information security industry. You can check the information of the registered personnel on the official website of the China Information Security Evaluation Center.

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