Security Awareness Training - Anti-Phishing Workshop


This is an interactive anti-phishing seminar that helps you understand how phishing attacks work, the tactics that cyber criminals employ, how to spot and avoid a potential attack and most importantly you’ll be improve yourself and less vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Who Should Attend

The Anti-Phishing Workshop is best suited for:

  • All computer end users
  • Anti-Phishing Workshop Outline

    What can be learned:

    • What is phishing?
    • Types of Phishing
    • Know-how Common phishing email features.
    • How to build a Human Firewall using advanced technology
    • In class phishing scenario tests for group discussion.
    • In class phishing game quiz
    • Free after-class phishing test.


    • What is phishing?
    • Phishing Know-How!?
    • Email security
    • What is Human Firewall?
    • Multi-layer of defence
    • Building a Human Firewall
    • Training Life Cycle
    • Phishing scenarios – group discussion

    Award of Certificate

    Candidates will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

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