Course for IT Innovation Lab(IT-Lab) in Secondary Schools

HKSAR government promotes the innovation and information technology for secondary school. As it’s high demands on how our society encourages Hong Kong teenagers to be the new force group in participation in the Information security industry sector. Security is critical to the success of businesses and Information technology and information security Industry adoption. The resilience of production processes strongly depends on the companies’ awareness of the current threat landscape and the employed security framework for protecting against attacks. In Hong Kong, STEM education is promoted through Science, Technology and Mathematics Education. Hence, Technology is one of the important subjects for teenager to understand more about Cybersecurity. The introduction and fundamental knowledge of Cybersecurity definitively belongs to one of most

important area that allow students and parent with additional considerations for the student’s life planning within the study life of secondary school.


In Hong Kong, we do have a similar supporting scheme brought to us from the Hong Kong Government. The OGCIO of the Hong Kong government invites the majority of secondary schools to participate in the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools”  Programme. This schema aims to thereby promoting local popular science education and expanding the supply of innovation and technology talent and meet the needs of a technology-driven society.

Who Should Attend

The IT-Lab courses is best suited for:

  • All young peoples that study in secondary school (recommended for F.3 to F.6 students)
  • IT-Lab courses Outline

    For IT-Lab courses outline that providing by Cyber Range trainer center, please check the links below:

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