Big Data Analytics


Big data is a new driver of the world economic and societal changes. The world’s data collection is reaching major technological changes that can bring new ways in decision making, managing domains of health, city development, finance and education. With the advancements of mobile devices, social networks and the Internet of Things, enormous amounts of complex data, both structured and unstructured are being captured in hope to allow organizations to make better business decisions as data is vital for an organizations success. These challenges include “foundations,” which concerns new algorithms, theory and methodologies in knowledge discovery from large amounts of data and “system and applications” for supporting Big Data practices.


The training will equip trainees with knowledge of new algorithms, methodologies, systems and applications in Big Data Analytics that discover useful and hidden knowledge from the Big Data efficiently and effectively. The trainees, with their own interest, may take third party independent certification examinations from qualified bodies.

Who Should Attend

This course was developed for:

  • Any persons who are interested in the knowledge of Big Data

BDA Course Outline

What can be learned:

  • Fundamental Big Data Knowledge
  • Big Data Analysis and Technology Concepts
  • Big Data Analysis and Technology Lab

Course Content Highlight:

  • Understanding Big Data
  • Fundamental Terminology & Concepts
  • Big Data Business & Technology
  • Characteristics of Data in Big Data Environments
  • Fundamental Analysis, Analytics & Machine Learning Types
  • Big Data Adoption & Planning Considerations

  • Duration: 6 evening session x 3 hours
  • Candidates required to bring his/her laptop: No
  • Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

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